Topic: Buying licence ?

I would like to buy a licence of this new program. Who should I pay money for licence?

I hope that this program works without big or importand mistakes or bugs?

Re: Buying licence ?

Dear Sir,

you can by the program by directly going to the online e-shop. This e-shop can be accessed directly from the program website: [url=][/url]. In this website you will find an menu link: Order.

There you first need to register and then you can pay for the software by credit card or bank transfer.

After paying for the program you will receive a licence number that you will use to register the full version of the program.

The program can be directly downloaded from the website [url=][/url]. It can be used immediately as a demo version. After the registration, the full program capabilities will be activated.

We are encouraging you to submit us your feedback about the software. We would be very much interested in your opinion.

With best regards

Jan Cervenka

Re: Buying licence ?

Thanks for reply.

With best regards Jure