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In version 1.20 I've discovered some problems with DXF import. The problem is that "Import DXF" dialog can't accept previously defined materials. This problem appears when selecting previously defined wall material and parapet material.

It is possible to use the option to import new material properties and they are accepted, but you need to import new material property every time you use "Import DXF"  so you end up with at least 5-6 material properties for one type of wall.

I've been using almoust every version of AmQuake so far, and "Import DXF" dialog worked correctly in every version except version 1.20. I hope that it will be fixed soon.

Re: Import DXF

thank you for error info.
It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Re: Import DXF

New version 1.21 with fixed this bug, is available to download.