Topic: Error when importing dxf file

I can't seem to get past a few errors when importing a dxf file.
The first one sais "Probably incorect orientation of the neighbouring wall. Missing a neighbour for window". I changed the orientation of the wall and still the problem persists.
If I delete all the windows, appears another error. A conflict between elements.
I made several changes for the dxf file but I can't find the problem.

And another problem: how can I create an opening in the ceilling?

What costs implies the update to the new version 2.1?

Thank you!

Re: Error when importing dxf file

Hello, thank you for your questions..

for import dxf, probably best, if you can send me your problematci .amq or .dxf by email.

simple_model-1-storey_with_opening.amq  is the example ofr "Opening in the ceiling"

Update version 1.x to 2.x cost 150 EUR, you can buy it in our shop.