Topic: Basement modelling

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what is your suggestioin about (almost) fully backfilled basement modelling in AmQuake?

Re: Basement modelling

AmQuake solves and concentrates only on the part of the structure above the ground,
so no special models for foundation are available.

On the other hand I do not see the need for any special provisions for this case.

Re: Basement modelling

Thank you for your answer.

I have two more question...

1.) Since Wienerberger supports AmQuake and they offer Wienerberger POROTHERM brick ceiling, I am wondering if one can assume, that semi prefabricated plate acts as rigid plate in its own plane (like reinforced concrete two way plate)...

2.) What is your recommendation for hipped roof modelling. Is it OK to apply only all load (and self weight) that acts on roof to the last modelled plate.

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Re: Basement modelling


1) in analysis is not calculated behaviour of the plate. The ceiling is modeled as a rigid link which joints all wall in the height of ceiling. There is two way of his behaviour. Without bending stiffness or with infinity stiffness. For safe calculation we recommended try both variants, and use the worse one. It is in the mesh settings.

2) yes, it is OK.