Topic: Atena 3.8 discussions

Hi there!

We started using the AmQuake 3.8 and we have some problems and questions.

1. When defining the second floor slab, initially it does not appear in the slab loading list, although it is rendered in the 3D view and we are able to select it. Only after closing and re-opening the program the second slab is listed in the table.

2. We are not able to add a certain mortar type. We selected various brick elements, but only the M5 mortar is listed and used. This has an important influence in the overall masonry strength, so it is quite important to be able to choose an m10 mortar, for example.

3. Is there any way to use more than one processor core during the analysis?

4. What is the main difference in using a masonry confined using columns or using discrete bars in the masonry model itself? The results are not similar, so we are just wondering about why one should choose the one or the other.

5. Is there a way to define loads on slabs only on certain areas? The case might be that a slab is not uniformly loaded on its entire surface.

6. Is there a way to introduce also the solid brick into the product list? It is also a Wienerberger product.

Re: Atena 3.8 discussions


thank you for your question...

1) Thank you, i will forward it to the programmer.

2) It is only in Romania codes, it is required by Wienerberger RO.

3) Not yet, but we are prepare it in some next versions.

4) It should be the same. Position of the bars is the same, When you model it like a columns you can use a "XY smart reinforcement" (it is maybe the big difference)

5) No, it is not possible. But you can add the infill masonry to some loading area...

6) We already have the data for this solid brick... it will be in the next version.  Please contact me on email, I can send it to you directly.