Topic: Welcome to AmQuake forum

Dear AmQuake users:

I would like to welcome you to this newly established forum for exchaging information, comments and experiences with our new software AmQuake.

AmQuake program can evaluate a masonry building regarding its seismic safety. It is based on EC8, EC6 and EC2 taking into account national annexes of 10 European countries. It is using a pushover analysis combined with equivalent frame method to evaluate the structural safety during earthquakes.

We encourage you to submit your comments, questions or experiences into this forum so that other engineers can use it as an additional source of usefull information about the program.

We sincerely hope that you will like our program, and we are looking forward to you suggestions for future improvements.

With best regards

Jan Cervenka
CEO Cervenka Consulting, LTD,
Na Hrebenkach 55
Prague, Czech Republic