Topic: DLS output explanation

I'd like to have documented the "CF_damage" and the "Damage status" (together w/ its options: SD, FD, MV, M, V) in the View menu. Could you please quickly point me to some links or dox explaining what are these about (eventually how is the software calculating these)?

Re: DLS output explanation

Dear Bogdan,

thank you for the note. Yes, we should include a description in the manual of these new features. In the meantime, here is the explanation.

The CF_damage is a parameter indicating how much the element response deviate from the elastic one.

Damage status shows how the element forces relate to the ultimate capacities:

SD - total shear capacity exhausted, full shear failure
FD - total flexural capacity exhousted, full flexural failure
MV - both moment and shear ultimate forces are reached, plastic behaviour in flexure and shear
M - moment capacity reached, plastic behaviour in bending/flexure
V - shear capacity reached, plastic behaviour in shear

I hope my explanation helps.

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Re: DLS output explanation

Thanks alot, Jan, very helpful this feature.