Topic: Mesh generation

When the option "Ceilings without bending stiffness" is inactive i.e. when the program takes the bending stiffness i account, how is the stiffness calculated and taken in the calculation for different nodes?

Re: Mesh generation

Check (Without bending stiffness) = without stiffness (stiffness only in RCRing)
Uncheck (Without bending stiffness) = infinitely stiffness in ceiling

Re: Mesh generation

but how is the stiffness in the node calculated?

Re: Mesh generation

Hello, when the check box (Ceilings without bending stiffness) in on, no connection, i.e. no stiffness in bending is considered.

When the check box is off, the displacements and rotations of each node of the ceiling are connected through special constraint conditions. These conditions guarantee that all nodes in the ceiling deform as a one entity. I.e. they can rotate but their relative distance is always prevailed, see chapter 6.2.2 in the AmQuake manual.

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